1. WordPress

WordPress is used by millions of bloggers around the world on desktop platform, but only some of them are into wordpress for android. This application has a clear user interface and easy to write a post for about 300 words or even more. Helps you to track your traffic, approve comments and publish guests posts from mobile itself even if you are at vacation or spending time with your family buddies!!

2. Gmail

Every blogger use Gmail for sure, it’s most popular email service by google. Not only bloggers, every internet user need an email account. Email account is very important in these days. Now you can access your mail anytime and anywhere with help of this official Gmail Android App. This mobile app has a damn lovely user interface!! Checkout what you can do with this app below.

3. Google Reader

Bloggers love to read and learn, they will follow so many inspiring blogs daily. But it’s very hard to open each blog and read articles in mobile browser. It kills your time and energy, so what is solution now? Google offering a unique service for internet geeks to read their favorite blogs daily very easily using Google Reader. Once you add your favorite blogs on google reader, that’s it!! Daily google reader get all new updates of your favorite blogs, you can read all articles without browsing them individually. Google reader saves lot of time, it’s very comfortable for reading. I’m also using this app to read my competitor’s blog’s daily 😉 now it’s time for your turn. Go ahead and start reading blogs on your mobile now.

4. Google Analytics

Google analytics give real time statistics of our blog’s. To use google analytics you have to place a tracking code on your blog. Once you completed all installation process, then analytics show you how many people were online on your blog, page views, unique visitors, bounce rate, traffic sources and other details about your blog. Now you can access your analytics account anytime using this official analytics app by google. This is has newly took born at google play store, so stay tuned for updates.

5. Google Plus

Google plus most talked topic in 2011, now it’s a largest social networking site. Bloggers using google plus to receive latest news, promoting their blogs, get in touch with co-bloggers. You can also stay tuned with your google plus network all the time with this application.

5 Must Have Android Apps for Every Blogger