How to clear the cache and data for a specific app on Android

There are many explanations why the apps keep crashing or freezing. The application may become unresponsive or it might crash if it’s not current. Many apps work much better for those who have a powerful Web connection. One more reason is the application is poorly coded. If you don’t have sufficient free space for storage in your Android, the apps won’t have the ability to run correctly. It is crucial to obvious the app’s cache and knowledge once in a while specifically for the apps you utilize frequently. Should you haven’t tried it for some time, the application will begin to misbehave. An application glitch may also make the problem.
The first factor you could do is restart your device. The processes which may be opened up combined with the apps that keep running without anyone’s knowledge will close once you restart your device. This way, you’ll release the memory that may have been clogged. Your device will work smoother. If you see the apps keep crashing or freezing following the reboot, proceed to other solutions.

How to clear the cache

To restart your device, press and contain the Power button. Once the menu seems, tap Restart or Turn off and Restart.
Application developers are giving their finest to provide an excellent experience towards the users, and that’s why they’re constantly focusing on enhancements and app review. If users complain concerning the issue, including freezing and crashing, developers will repair it by having an update. That’s the reason it is important to regularly update all of your apps or at best those you utilize daily.

  • Open Google Play application
  • Tap on three lines of horizontal type to spread out reception menus
  • Next, tap on my small apps & games
  • You are able to tap Update all, or feel the apps increase just the ones you would like.

There are plenty of reasons an Android application can start misbehaving, but there are only a couple of ways we can attempt to set it straight: by clearing its cache and wiping its data.
If you try both of these things and find that it’s still not working as it should be, there’s a pretty good chance the issue has been caused by a bug bundled in a recent update for the application.
Should this be the case, your only option is to wait for the developer to identify the bug and issue a patch in a separate upgrade, but before we jump to that conclusion, let’s try to fix it ourselves.


What does clearing the app cache do?

As you use an application, it’s constantly storing data that it may need to use at a later date, like images and previews of web pages. These files are stored in a cache.
Cache — A collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden or inaccessible place.
Clearing the cache removes this data, which is often an effective way of tricking an application into forgetting about a bug it has developed. It’s also useful for regaining some storage space.


How do I clear the app cache?

Open up Settings.
Select Apps.
Choose the application that’s playing up.
Press Storage.
Hit Clear Cache.


What does wiping the app data do?

When you wipe app data, you’re essentially taking the application back to factory settings. You’ll lose all of your files, passwords and preferences (if they aren’t all stored in the cloud).


How do I wipe the app data?


  1. Head into Settings.
  2. Press Apps.
  3. Select the application that isn’t working as intended.
  4. Choose Storage.
  5. Tap Clear Data.