How to Create Free iPhone Ringtones With iTunes


Learn how to turn your favorite songs on Apple iTunes into free iPhone ringtones.
One of the few disappointments about the Apple iPhone is the limited number of ringtones included as standard.


Custom iPhone Ringtones


The iPhone is often a fashion accessory as much as a smartphone and a distinctive ringtone is one way to customize the device. Many people pay to download ringtone versions of their favorite tracks to provide a wider choice of ringtones for their iPhone.


Turn iTunes Songs Into iPhone Ringtones


If you’ve already paid to download your favorite songs on iTunes, you can turn these into free iPhone ringtones in a few simple steps. This trick works with all Digital Rights Management (DRM) free songs and it is perfectly legal, because you have already paid to download the song from iTunes.


How to Create Free iPhone Ringtones

To create free, customized ringtones for your Apple iPhone


Access the iTunes music library on your PC or laptop computer.

How to Create Free iPhone Ringtones

Find the song you wish to make into an iPhone ringtone. Listen to the song and decide which section you want to use for your ringer. Remember that the ringtone can be a maximum of 30 seconds in length.

Right click it and highlight “Get Info” from the drop-down menu.

From the “Options” tab, scroll down to the “Start Time” and “Stop Time” tick boxes. Check them both and enter the start and finish time for the ringtone. Press “OK” when you have done this.

Right click on the song again. From the drop down menu, choose “Convert Selection to AAC.”

Wait for the song clip to finish converting to the AAC format.

Access your iTunes music folder and find the song clip. Drag and drop to your PC or laptop desktop screen.

Now delete the converted song from your iTunes library. It will remain on your desktop.

Return to the desktop and select the song clip. Highlight the filename and change the extension from “.m4a” to “.m4r”

Move the file to the ringtones section of your iTunes library by double clicking the file from your desktop and selecting iTunes, or by importing it into your iTunes library.

Synchronize your iPhone with iTunes and your new ringtone will be added to the iPhone’s ringtone library.

Remember to return to iTunes to uncheck the stop and start times on the original song, or you will hear the shortened version when you next listen to the track. Repeat these steps to turn any DRM-free iTunes song into a custom, free iPhones ringtone.

Keep your iPhone and iTunes software updated by synchronizing your iPhone regularly.