How to Read Comic Books From an iPhone

Reading comics on your iPhone is now made simple and easy through a number of downloadable applications on the App Store.


The iPhone and its large 3.5 inch screen makes it perfectly suitable for reading comics on the go. A number of applications are available through the App Store that make reading comics on an iPhone a simple and enjoyable experience. Here is a short app review of some that are available.


Download and Read Comics With Comics+


How to Read Comic Books From an iPhoneComics+ is a comic book reader that navigates similar to Apple’s own application, iBooks. The reader does not allow you to import comics that you may already have on your computer, requiring you to purchase them from its store. The store is very easy to navigate, separating out each publisher and then alphabetising each. There is a wide selection of free comics available, giving you plenty to read before having to spend a dime.

Navigating comics is very straight forward, requiring a tap or swipe of the finger, similar to iBooks. However, like iBooks, Comics+ attempts to reformat comics when orientating the iPhone in landscape mode. The result does work well for the most part, although can be a little hard to get used to and require a lot of page turning rather than simply navigating an existing page. Overall it is a good application with the added bonus that it is free in the App Store and has a great selection of free content, worthy of a look.


Read Your Existing Digital Comics Collection with ComicZeal


ComicZeal differs from Comics+ in that it is designed for importing and displaying comics you already have on your computer. Supporting the popular cbr, cbz and pdf file formats, transfer of files can be performed through USB or through WiFi using the ComicZeal sync program. ComicZeal is able to reformat these files so that they can be displayed on your iPhone correctly.

A number of free Golden Age comics are available but the selection is very limited compared to Comics+. However, page navigation is where ComicZeal shines, users easily able to find their comics, zoom in, flip between pages and lock the screen orientation. ComicZeal is the perfect choice for those who already own digital comics and wish to view them on the go. ComicZeal is available for purchase on the App Store for a reasonable price.


Publishers Marvel Comics and DC Comics Applications


Marvel and DC Comics are the two best known comic publishers in the world, and have both released their own applications for viewing and purchasing their comics. Both applications are very well presented and easy to navigate, clearly marking out the different titles and story lines and making a decent portion of their sizable back catalogues available to download.

Within the Marvel application free content is available but fairly limited, DC Comics however, does offer a significant amount of free reading. Both DC Comics and Marvel Comics display their titles for reading in a unique manner compared to other readers. Tapping the screen takes you to the next panel, rather than the next page, each panel zoomed in automatically for easy reading. This can be good or bad depending on your preference and reading speed.

Both applications do a good job of presenting their comics and make their titles available at a reasonable price, the choice coming down to what you prefer to read. The Marvel Comics application is free to download as is the DC Comics application. So try them out and see what you think.


Comic Applications Conclusion


Comics are coming back in a big way in both print and through digital distribution. With the recent success of many comic book movies, now is a better time than ever to have a look at a compelling genre that can now easily be read on the go with your iPhone.